燃料油 交付 in Southern Maryland

Do you use heating oil to heat your home in St. 玛丽斯县,安妮阿伦德尔县,查尔斯县或马里兰州南部的其他地方? Then you know how important it is to have plenty of fuel in your home’s tank throughout the winter. Home heating oil delivery provides you with the fuel you need to get through the winter in comfort.

PG电子游戏官网能源公司自1926年以来一直为马里兰州南部的住宅提供服务, and we provide a range of options to help make sure your home stays comfortable throughout the year, including automatic heating oil delivery. We also offer will-call and scheduled oil delivery service if you prefer to take a more hands-on approach.

有了PG电子游戏官网能源作为您的取暖油供应商,您知道送货永远不会太远. We offer same-day or next-day heating oil delivery service throughout the week and do not charge any hidden fees. We also offer a referral program, 如果你让你的朋友知道我们的服务,让你省钱.

Learn more about heating oil and heating fuel delivery, 包括交换供应商的好处,并给PG电子游戏官网能源一个尝试.

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Why Switch 燃料油 Providers?

If you already have a heating fuel provider, you might wonder if there is any benefit to switching. PG电子游戏官网 Energy is a total home comfort provider, 也就是说我们不仅仅是给你们提供燃油. 我们也提供炉维修和更换,并提供 energy consultations 确保你能充分利用你的供暖设备.

When it comes to fuel delivery, 我们提供一系列的送货选择以及24/7/365的紧急服务. 除此之外, PG电子游戏官网 Energy is dedicated to providing all of our clients with top-quality customer service. When you switch to PG电子游戏官网 Energy, you will enjoy client care that is unmatched across Maryland.

Delivery Options: Automatic, Scheduled and Will Call

没有人想要担心是否该重新加油了. PG电子游戏官网 Energy offers several service options that help to streamline your fuel delivery and that remove the hassle of monitoring your fuel. With our automatic delivery service, we take on the responsibility of monitoring your fuel tank. 你不必担心在隆冬的时候燃料耗尽, as we will refill it whenever it starts to run low.

If you prefer to keep an eye on things yourself, we also offer will-call delivery service. 当你需要更多的燃料时,给我们打电话,我们会送货的. A third option is to sign up for scheduled delivery so that you can receive fuel on a schedule that fits your life.

Same Day/Next Day Fuel Delivery Service**

Even with the best of planning, there might be times when you find yourself running low on fuel. You might discover that your tank is out of fuel days or weeks before your next scheduled delivery. 如果这种情况真的发生了,没有必要恐慌或担心. PG电子游戏官网 Energy offers same day or next day fuel delivery service** for both heating oil and propane. The size of our delivery fleet makes it easy for us to reach customers for fuel delivery ASAP.

SmartPay Program: A Budget Plan for Your Fuel Purchases

One way for homeowners to manage the ups and downs of the cost of fuel is to set up a budget payment plan. Instead of paying the full amount upfront, a budget payment plan, such as the SmartPay program from PG电子游戏官网 Energy, splits up the price into equal monthly installments. The payment program is free. We also offer a referral program, which provides a cash bonus to you and to every friend you refer who signs up for fuel delivery.

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Why Choose PG电子游戏官网 Energy for Heating Fuel Delivery?

There are many reasons to choose PG电子游戏官网 Energy as your total home comfort provider in Southern Maryland, Prince George’s county and Anne Arundel county. If you are considering changing heating oil providers or moving to a home with heating oil for the first time, here are just a few reasons to choose PG电子游戏官网 Energy:

  • 24/7 emergency service. 如果你家里的暖气在寒冷的冬夜熄灭了, 你想要得到有人会来修理的保证, 并迅速. PG电子游戏官网能源为加热设备提供24/7/365的紧急服务. Whether you need a late-night fuel delivery or need someone to look at your furnace after hours or on the weekend, someone from PG电子游戏官网 Energy will be there for you. We have a team of representatives who are available around the clock for heat-related emergencies.
  • More than just fuel deliveries. PG电子游戏官网 Energy does more than deliver fuel. As a total home comfort provider, we can replace or repair heating equipment, 为你安装一台新的空调,帮助改善你家里的空气质量.
  • No hidden or delivery fees. With PG电子游戏官网 Energy, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay for heating oil delivery. 我们不附加意外费用或收取危险品或监管费用交付.
  • Free monthly payment plans. 而不用提前支付全额的燃油交付费用, PG电子游戏官网 Energy让你把你的燃料成本分成等额的月供. Our free monthly payment plans help you work the cost of fuel into your household’s overall budget. 我们与您合作,让您的家变得更舒适.
  • Online services. There is no need to hunt around for a stamp or make a trip to the post office when you work with PG电子游戏官网 Energy. 我们提供一个免费的在线门户网站,你可以在那里支付你的账单, make service requests, review past bills or schedule your next fuel delivery.
  • Live client care representatives. Even with the convenience of online services, sometimes it is nice to speak to a real, live person. PG电子游戏官网 Energy has a team of highly-trained, live client care representatives who are always available to take your call and to work with you to solve any issues. 你是否想安排你的下一个交付或有一个PG电子游戏官网你的设备的问题, we are happy to speak with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Oil Delivery

你对供暖用的油有疑问吗? Perhaps you want to make sure you have chosen the best heating option for your Southern Maryland home. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about home heating oil and oil delivery, as well as some helpful answers.

取暖油是从石油中提炼出来的一种馏分燃料. It is produced by refining crude oil. 根据美国国税局的要求,取暖油被染成红色. The red color signifies that the fuel is exempt from taxes 这通常适用于驱动机动车的燃料. 红色还意味着使用取暖油为汽车或其他车辆提供动力是违法的. 周围 5.7 million homes in the U.S. use heating oil for space heating. Heating oil is also occasionally used to heat water and can be used in commercial buildings as well.

There are several grades of heating oil. 你用来给家里供暖的取暖油很可能不是. 2燃油. Today’s fuel oil is much more refined than in years past. 因此,2019年7月,硫含量从500PPM降至15PPM.

取暖油和煤油都是石油蒸馏物,但它们不是一回事. Heating oil is often no. 2燃油, while kerosene is an example of no. 1燃油. 它可以用来加热,但通常用于便携式空间加热器, not in central heating systems. Kerosene has a lower flash point than no. 2 .取暖油——100华氏度,相比140华氏度. 你也可以用煤油作为油灯或灯笼的燃料.

住房取暖油的价格取决于几个因素, including the cost of crude oil, seasonal demand for heating oil, 一个地区的家庭位置和取暖油供应商的数量. Often, the price of heating oil increases as demand increases, usually during the winter months. 天气, 政治局势和其他事件会影响原油价格, 导致它在某些年份上升,在不同年份下降.

One way to manage the ups and downs of the cost of heating oil for your home is to sign up for a budget payment plan, which splits the cost of your home’s oil into low, monthly payments.

Heating oil does tend to cost more than natural gas但这并不意味着天然气总是最好的选择. There are several other things to consider when choosing the type of fuel you use to heat your home. 在某些情况下, natural gas might not be an option for your home, as there might not be natural gas lines nearby. 这也是值得考虑的成本的煤气炉与成本的油炉. 通常,燃油炉的成本要低于燃气炉.

Like a furnace, a home heating oil tank should have a relatively long life, usually around 15 years. 油箱的寿命在很大程度上取决于它的设计和构造. 双壁罐通常比其他类型的罐寿命更长, as the separation between the walls keeps water from settling at the base of the container, reducing the risk of corrosion.

When you schedule home heating oil delivery, you can also request that the delivery driver take a look at your oil tank to see if it is near the end of its usable life and in need of a replacement.

你家油箱里的取暖油有保质期吗? 如果你没有在冬天结束前用完油箱里的所有燃料, 你是否需要排空水箱,重新开始下个赛季? It all depends on the condition of your home’s tank.

Provided the tank is in good shape, 底部没有生锈,没有一层厚厚的淤泥, 你储存在里面的取暖油可以用几个季节.

如果你不确定油箱里的油是否坏了, 你可以叫专业人员来检查油箱,让你知道下一步要做什么.

通常, it is a good idea to start thinking about replacing your oil tank when it is around 15 years old. 如果你注意到任何问题,你可能需要在那之前更换你的油箱. 例如, if you see signs of rust on the outside of the tank or notice wet areas on the ground or floor beneath the tank, that can be a sign that it is time for a replacement. An energy consultant from PG电子游戏官网 Energy can take a look at your current oil tank and give you an idea of whether or not it is time for a new one.

Take Advantage of Our Referral Program

PG电子游戏官网能源公司是一家当地公司,自1926年以来一直为南马里兰州服务. We understand the importance of friends and family and trust the opinions and recommendations of our loved ones. That is why we offer a referral program.

如果你喜欢PG电子游戏官网 Energy为你提供的服务,请告诉你的朋友. If a friend or family member signs up for our fuel delivery service based on your recommendation, we will give you up to $100. 如果你推荐一个购买设备的朋友,你也可以得到100美元.

Schedule a Fuel Delivery With PG电子游戏官网 Energy

使用自动, 是否会致电或安排PG电子游戏官网能源送油, 你再也不用担心在寒冷的冬夜耗尽燃料了. We make it easy to fit the cost of heating oil into your budget and are happy to work with you to provide total home comfort. We also offer tank installation and replacement if you are getting heating oil for the first time or need to replace an aging fuel tank.

PG电子游戏官网能源公司为整个南马里兰州的家庭提供服务. 我们提供住宅取暖油的县包括:

  • 查尔斯郡
  • 卡尔弗特县
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Prince George’s County
  • St. 玛丽的县
不要担心你的燃料输送来自哪里. Contact PG电子游戏官网 Energy today 设立送货上门服务,了解更多PG电子游戏机的能源和家庭舒适解决方案.
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Schedule a 燃料油 交付

** 100加仑或以上的运输不收取运费, same-day delivery is applicable to a $50 fee. **Same day and next day delivery service is subject to change based on weather conditions. 不安全的道路条件对PG电子游戏官网司机和环境造成不必要的风险.